Royal-Model DG-808 (4500mm)

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Semi-scale sailplane
This is a 1/4 semi scale model of the DG-808 by DG Flugzeugbau GmbH from Germany. It is an ARF sailplane with foam/wawa sheeted wings covered with ironing foil. The major components are built. The size 4,5m is an excellent choice for thermal soaring. The HQ airfoil offers very smooth and forgiving flying characteristics.
DG-808 is designed for the experienced pilots. Whether you prefer thermal soaring or slope soaring, this model is made for you.
 Wingspan:  4500 mm
 Lenght:  1720 mm
 Wing area:  76 dm2
 Weight (empty):  4700 g
 Aerofoil:  HQ 2,5/14
 Funktions:  ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, airbrakes
Content: Epoxy glass fuselage with a white epoxy gelcoat,  foam/wawa wing covered with covering film, double-high airbrakes installed, balsa horizontal tail, molded rudder, molded winglets, clear canopy, frame, hardware, stickers, instruction