Royal-Model Pilatus B4 (3000mm)

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1/5 Semi-scale sailplane
This is a semi-scale model of the famous glider Pilatus P-11 (B4) from Swiss. This plane is available for aero towing, soaring and also for aerobatic evolution. Pilatus B4 is designed for the experienced pilots.
 3000 mm
 1320 mm
 Wing area:
 56,6 dm2
 2500 g
 HQ 2/12
ailerons, elevator,      rudder, spoilers
Content: Gel-coated fiberglass fuselage, fiberglass rudder, balsa two-piece wings fully sheeted with carbon spar and tail surface unit balsa construction covered with iron folie, double-high airbrakes installed, canopy frame, clear canopy, hardware, stickers, instruction